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Becky WatsonI joined the Cocoa Beach Chamber in 2011, when I opened my business. I have to admit that I did not get any value from my partnership with the chamber during the first year.
But Wait!
It was not because there was no value in the partnership. It was because I did not do anything. I did not attend any of the Wednesday Friendsdays, ribbon cuttings, New Partner Orientations, boards or any leads group.
When I renewed my partnership in 2012, I was determined I did not want to waste my money. I got involved. I started going to everything I could. I started meeting people and learning how to network with other like-minded business owners. I was committed to attend every meeting that I possibly could. I visited different leads groups and chose one that best fit my schedule. I made that an important appointment for my business. And I kept that appointment. I came to know a great group of people that cared about me and wanted to help me be successful.
AS I continued to show up at many of the events, people started to know my name and what my business was. As they came to know me and trust me, chamber members came to me with their personal needs for eyewear. Then they started to refer their friends and family.
I think one of the most valuable facets of the chamber is the leads groups. This is not just a meeting I must attend. It is a pleasure to meet with people that want to help my business grow. In addition, they are a very valuable resource pool that I can go to with questions about business issues. If my leads group does not have the answer, someone will know where to refer me for assistance. I do not know how I could run a business without this great support team I can call my friends.
This is now the anniversary for my business, 5 years! We are still growing and I have to attribute a large part of my success to being a member of the Cocoa Beach Chamber. Referals and business with chamber partners makes up about 20% of my yearly business, and that number is growing.
In conclusion, The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of commerce is not about paying your dues each year. It is about becoming part of a community that works for you, contributing to your overall success.

  • Becky Watson, President and Owner, A1A Optics

Joe-MayerThe Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic investment for any local business.  The Chamber provides enormous opportunities to network and develop valuable business contacts, as well as providing a full range of professional learning workshops that will help you and your business excel.  I’ve often said that as a large aerospace company, Lockheed Martin doesn’t sell its products and services to other Chamber members, but we believe that our membership in the Chamber and our contribution to the work of the Chamber Board pays off in dividends to our employees by promoting a strong local economy with a great quality of life for ourselves and our families

  • Joe Mayer, Director, Gov’t Relations – FL and 2016 CBRCC Board Chair

tiny headshot.pagesAs I mentioned in our meeting, I am not only new to the area but new to my job at Savings Safari. Being new to an area brings many challenges to a new job. Especially in Sales.

The Cocoa Beach Chamber helped me to instantly be known to a new community. In my 1st month on the job, by participating with the Cocoa Beach Chamber, I was able to pay for for my Chamber Membership and close on enough new business to pay for 1 Year’s Salary with my company.

That is incredible! I attribute this to my membership with the Chamber. I can say that because 90% of my clients came from new relationships at Chamber Events. The Chamber continues to be a great lead source for me as I continue to grow in this area.

Keep doing what you are doing. I will continue to be an active member of the Cocoa Beach Chamber because I know that is what it takes to be successful as a member.

  • Savings Safari, James “Tiny” Lambros – Account Executive