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Becky WatsonI joined the Cocoa Beach Chamber in 2011, when I opened my business. I have to admit that I did not get any value from my partnership with the chamber during the first year.
But Wait!
It was not because there was no value in the partnership. It was because I did not do anything. I did not attend any of the Wednesday Friendsdays, ribbon cuttings, New Partner Orientations, boards or any leads group.
When I renewed my partnership in 2012, I was determined I did not want to waste my money. I got involved. I started going to everything I could. I started meeting people and learning how to network with other like-minded business owners. I was committed to attend every meeting that I possibly could. I visited different leads groups and chose one that best fit my schedule. I made that an important appointment for my business. And I kept that appointment. I came to know a great group of people that cared about me and wanted to help me be successful.
AS I continued to show up at many of the events, people started to know my name and what my business was. As they came to know me and trust me, chamber members came to me with their personal needs for eyewear. Then they started to refer their friends and family.
I think one of the most valuable facets of the chamber is the leads groups. This is not just a meeting I must attend. It is a pleasure to meet with people that want to help my business grow. In addition, they are a very valuable resource pool that I can go to with questions about business issues. If my leads group does not have the answer, someone will know where to refer me for assistance. I do not know how I could run a business without this great support team I can call my friends.
This is now the anniversary for my business, 5 years! We are still growing and I have to attribute a large part of my success to being a member of the Cocoa Beach Chamber. Referals and business with chamber partners makes up about 20% of my yearly business, and that number is growing.
In conclusion, The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of commerce is not about paying your dues each year. It is about becoming part of a community that works for you, contributing to your overall success.

  • Becky Watson, President and Owner, A1A Optics

Joe-MayerThe Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic investment for any local business.  The Chamber provides enormous opportunities to network and develop valuable business contacts, as well as providing a full range of professional learning workshops that will help you and your business excel.  I’ve often said that as a large aerospace company, Lockheed Martin doesn’t sell its products and services to other Chamber members, but we believe that our membership in the Chamber and our contribution to the work of the Chamber Board pays off in dividends to our employees by promoting a strong local economy with a great quality of life for ourselves and our families

  • Joe Mayer, Director, Gov’t Relations – FL and 2016 CBRCC Board Chair

At Phone Medics + PC, our relationship with the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce has been hugely beneficial to our business in numerous ways. Thanks to our membership in the Chamber, we’ve been able to become more deeply engaged with our local community through the great business and personal relationships we’ve formed with other members. The Chamber’s many events give us the opportunity to meet and interact with other like-minded professionals in our area, providing us with vital networking opportunities that have been extremely valuable to us as we grow our business.

One of the ways these networking relationships have been particularly valuable to our business is in helping us to form referral partnerships with other businesses in the area. These referral networks allow us to help other Chamber members by sending business their way when we can, and to have access to customers they refer to us, some of whom we might not have reached otherwise. These referral relationships have been especially important as we have expanded our operations to include computer repair.

Another major benefit of our relationship with the Chamber has come in the form of local exposure. Participating in Chamber events has given us the opportunity to get out there and interact with the local community, raising awareness of our business in the community. This exposure has been an extremely valuable way of bringing in new customers to our business.

As a small, local business, our membership in the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce has been a major factor in Phone Medics + PC’s success. We are deeply grateful for the benefits that this partnership has provided us, and excited to see where it takes us in the future.

  • Claudio Rosado, Owner, Phone Medics + PC

We appreciate working with the Chamber to support Veterans in Brevard County. The Chamber assists us in spreading the word about our facility, Museum and Park. We are neighbors on Fortenberry Road, only half a mile apart. We are also members of the Non-Profit Task Force and look forward to working with the other non-profits, especially the annual Fiesta Brevard celebration.

  • Dean Schaaf, President, Brevard Veterans Memorial Center & Council

My business is FIT.For Service. I am new to the business world as I spent nearly 50 years in government service. Since I joined earlier this year I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support from the Chamber. Besides the free workshops, many of the staff and members have offered their assistance with many great ideas. I have been to several Leads Groups sharing my business and have been warmly welcomed in each one. I was able to host the last New Partner Orientation and share my business. My business partner, Jacqueline Davidson, has provided the most help with many ideas that she has found successful for her. My mentor, Nicole Fuhrer, has also been a tremendous counselor. I have been able to call on several Chamber partners for assistance in planning my Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting scheduled for June 14. The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce is a necessity for me as I start this journey.

  • Steve McCleeary, FIT.For Service

I moved to the Space Coast in the fall of 2015 knowing only two people and decided to start a home based business, marketing an advanced molecular health technology that had allowed me to recover from a brain injury. After six months of frustration trying to get it off the ground, I joined the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce and jumped in with both feet. I attended all of the seminars, went to as many Ribbon Cuttings as I could, joined a leads group, and became a part of the Ambassador Program. All of a sudden my business started taking off. I connected with other entrepreneurs that wanted to join my business, current business owners that could use this technology to provide better service to their clients and bring another revenue stream into their businesses, and connection after connection started unfolding. I began getting referrals from those in my leads group and saw the value of establishing relationships and how quickly my network grew as they became doorways to hundreds of other people. From 2016 to 2017 my income nearly quadrupled. Since joining the chamber I have opened up 20 different distribution channels here in the county resulting in over 250 people benefiting from this remarkable technology, and did over $150,000 in revenue through my channels in 2017. I have been able to help hundreds of people with their health, I’ve won trips from the company that owns the technology, and have begun expanding into other cities across Florida. The Chamber taught me how to network and gave me the entry I needed into the area to connect and learn from other local business owners. I am part of the Ambassador Program so I can help lead new members and show them how to create the same positive impact on their businesses through taking advantage of everything the Chamber has to offer.

  • Danielle Matthews, ASEA Cellular Health

A few months ago my husband and I registered our photography services with the Chamber. We believe this will help reach more people then we could have done on our own. Not to mention the overwhelming amount of business willing to help one another on the island. It’s really refreshing and we are so thankful. We moved to the Island in July of 2017 so reestablishing a business is hard work. I feel the Chamber will help us in many ways. Our website is:

  • Jen Kloock – Sandy Roots Photography

FPIS’ membership in and with the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber has delivered great results for us. From the social and business-news benefits offered by the Chamber’s networking opportunities to the educational offers the Chamber affords us at its meetings to the referral and accreditation-by-association advantages we’ve enjoyed, we believe our membership is a true asset and of great value to our business in Brevard County.

  • Michael Middleton
    CEO, FPIS Travel Marketing & Brochure Distribution

In 2004, Florida reeled for six weeks under the assault of four hurricanes. In Brevard County the storms disrupted lives and caused billions of dollars in damage. For the Brevard Humane Society it meant struggling to recover from infrastructure damage to their Molly Mutt Thrift Store on Merritt Island and roof damage to their Adoption Center in Cocoa.

In the wake of ruin, the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce played an instrumental role in assisting with donation efforts and helping the Brevard Humane Society rebuild its business. The Cocoa Beach Chamber was a true champion for its members, sharing in the commitment and providing available resources to all its businesses that had been severely impacted. Fourteen years later, the Brevard Humane Society is still extremely grateful to the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber for joining forces and serving as an extension of their business in their hour of need. However, perhaps more importantly, the Brevard Humane Society is excited to know they are truly a partner and not just a business member.

  • Roni Flowe, Assistant to
    Theresa Clifton, Executive Director

Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce is the epitome of what a Chamber should strive to be. Their standards of community, level of involvement, and overall assistance to local and small businesses, exceeds any and all expectations we have set here at Suwannee Insurance Merritt Island. Whether they are organizing a ribbon cutting ceremony or hosting regular meet and greets, the chamber has provided us with an excellent platform to market our business.

One of our favorite monthly events is Wednesday Friendsday. The Chamber coordinates hundreds of professionals to come together to mingle and provides the opportunity for us to share what Suwannee Insurance stands for. We get to meet intelligent and driven individuals who believe in supporting one another. A majority of our customer base originates from referrals through other members of the Chamber. We have found that being a part of the Cocoa Beach Chamber, we haven’t just found a place to market, we have formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

The Chamber Ambassadors are actively involved to ensure all members get an equal opportunity to meet each other and share what each business has to offer. A comfortable environment is guaranteed even for guest who are potential new members. Conducting raffles and door prizes is one of the many things that keeps each event interesting and all members engaged and excited. Not to mention the Chamber including local restaurants to cater, because who doesn’t like to eat?

We got the honor of having a table top at the Lets Flamingle event and it was a great success! We are looking forward to eventually hosting our own Chamber event. In addition to all the wonderful events, the access to the lead groups that include usually up to twenty-five professionals at a time, has been extremely beneficial to us. Allowing one professional from each industry to participate in these groups, keeps the referral base fair and rewarding.

The past three years of being members of the Chamber have been an experience Suwannee Insurance will continue to take moving forward in our professional and personal lives. The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce has opened a number of doors for us, and for that we are truly blessed and thankful. We will be celebrating 35 years in business come this October ,we are truly excited for years to come being members of the chamber.

  • Mike & Helen Hoats, Suwannee Insurance Agency

I joined the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce in July 2015 and haven’t looked back since. Both I and my business were new to the area. Now I am honored to be an ambassador for the Chamber.

Being a member of the Chamber has nudged me to connect with other members, professionally and personally. I value and appreciate spending time with like-minded business owners who share similar visions. It feels good to be able to support each other and our community at the same time.

I am grateful for the staff and all the members for being a great organization that I am proud to be part of.

  • John Eusebio, Owner, Texting Consultants LLC & Brand-U TV

Ten years ago this month I joined the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce. I had just opened a scratch insurance agency, had no clients & knew nothing of networking. Cheryl Clark said I would meet a lot of people at the Chamber who would help me grow my business and that I could make payments on my dues.
The first Chamber event I attended was the “How to Host a Ribbon Cutting” workshop. There I met three people who would become instrumental to my success. Lee Romano teaches the workshop and the instructions include a few minutes on public speaking. Vicki Huet was the sponsor of the event and John Lipinski was an Ambassador at the time and later became my Chamber Mentor. All three have become mentors and dear friends to me, and Vicki is my business coach.

I was encouraged by my Mentor to attend every single Chamber event possible and he also suggested I join his leads club, the Portside Pros. Through my association with the Pros I met several Realtors and Mortgage Brokers and Home Inspectors who all began referring business to me.

The more involved I’ve become at the Chamber, the greater my business success has been. In the past ten years I’ve been honored to serve as chair of the Ambassadors, Mentors and for the past five years as Partnership Development Chair.

That few minutes of public speaking training and the encouragement of my
Chamber Partners led me to create and teach a social media class at the Chamber and also for the City of Cocoa, a workshop on networking and again, for the past five years, the opportunity to lead the New Partner Orientation for 75-90 people every month. What an amazing opportunity to promote my business this has been. In 2012 Blue Sky Insurance Agency was named Small Business Professional Services Champion of the Year by the Chamber. In 2014 my agency surpassed $1,000,000 in annual premium. Because I’ve been able to build my business based on referrals, my policy retention rate is consistently in the 85-90% range.
My Chamber involvement allowed me to develop an associate agent who worked for me for four years. My Chamber contacts helped me expand my community service into Cocoa Village.

I joined the Chamber to grow my business but the most amazing result of my Partnership has been my personal growth. My dearest friends are people I met at the Chamber. They’ve encouraged me to learn and grow, to read great books, to believe in myself, to take calculated risks, and to know when to put aside work and just enjoy life. Some have led me to a deeper relationship with God and all have taught me to be so grateful for all blessings and challenges in my life.

This past ten years has been a great adventure and I know, without a doubt, that the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce has been the catalyst to my success in business and in life. I am grateful and blessed indeed.

  • Robyn K. Greene, Blue Sky Insurance Agency