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For more than 50 years, the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce has been a​  valuable avenue of service and support to the military stationed in our Space Coast Community. The very first efforts to support the military from the Chamber were organized and worked through a Military Committee. In 1991, the current Military Affairs Council, known as “MAC,” was formed and continues today to provide Chamber support for Military members and their families. The MAC is an all-volunteer group of Chamber Partners from the local area, both civilian and military, working together to enhance the quality of life in our community, especially for the enlisted members of the services assigned to the Space Coast.

The MAC membership consists of both Active and Honorary members:

  • Active Members – Active Council members are organizations and individuals engaged in businesses, professions, and other activities aligned with the MAC’s purpose that have applied and been approved to join the MAC and have paid dues. Active MAC members have all the rights and privileges, including the right to vote on all matters put before the MAC membership; to serve on committees; and to attend regular MAC Board meetings with the privileges of the floor.
  • Honorary Members –The MAC Board of Directors may invite members of local, state, and national government bodies (including the military) to become honorary MAC members and may waive their dues. Honorary MAC members need not be Chamber Partners. They have all the privileges of Active membership except the right to vote or hold office.

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Why Join?

The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce (CBRCC), comprised of 1500+ business partners, resides in Brevard County with a population of 575,000​ residents, with millions visiting​ the area annually. Brevard County has, runs 72 miles along the east coast of Florida, and the MAC brings every mile of​ diversity together for the betterment of the community and the military.​ The Brevard residents and our many visitors appreciate the sacrifice and the continued service of all the military personnel not only here in Brevard but across the nation. Brevard County is proud to say that all military branches are represented, and we are uniquely positioned to support them in their mission to protect and defend this country. There are 3,939 active, guard, and reserve personnel living in the county. While we appreciate the fact that military activities provide $956M of economic impact to Brevard County, the most significant benefit to our communities is the 4,750 military family members living in Brevard County, Florida.

Apart from the numbers, we are inextricably intertwined as a community. The “Space Coast” named for the substantial activity supported by all six branches of the military​. We are a seaport​ to our nuclear Navy; our shores and waterways are kept safe by our Coast Guard, and our citizen soldiers serve in the Army Guard and Reserve. The Marine Corp recruits some of its top enlisted personnel from Brevard, and we commission ROTC officers in all branches from our colleges and universities. Once their service is complete, thousands choose to return to this community. They often work in businesses and industries that provide equipment and services to the military. Brevard County is home to two Medal of Honor awardees and over 68,000 other everyday heroes who serve and live right here in Brevard County.

The MAC is proud to have supported these heroes for over​ 30 years.​       

Meeting Info:

MAC ​monthly ​meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month from January through October.

MAC purposefully rotates between MAC Partner businesses and military facilities, so members become familiar with military operations and active personnel learn about the community and partner businesses. Our monthly meetings always consist of a program that highlights the community/military organization hosting the event. These programs have provided valuable insight into how many of our local organizations support the Department of Defense. Along with mission briefings on how our local military protects our way of life. Monthly ​meetings foster a better relationship between our local military units and our Chamber/MAC Partners.

Please RSVP to the meetings by contacting Sandy Owens at (321) 454-2026 or

Event Info:

The MAC holds many events throughout the year, including our monthly meetings. Listed below are events we host or assist with:

  • Junior Enlisted Appreciation Picnic (JEAP) – For the past 27 years, MAC has ​assisted with the annual​ JEAP. The MAC and the Space Coast Top 3 Association jointly sponsor the event to allow junior enlisted personnel (E-6 and below) to enjoy a half-day of relaxation and fun. They are served a barbeque lunch by the top 3 unit commanders and the 45th Space Wing command staff. The JEAP increases Junior Enlisted morale across​ all services serving along the Space Coast. The event is attended annually by approximately 600 active-duty ​and reserve guard​ personnel MAC coordinates donations ranging from gift certificates for dry cleaning to weekend stays at local hotels along Cocoa Beach. Raffles are held throughout the afternoon of prizes donated by MAC/Chamber Partners.
  • Community Service Awards (CSA) – The MAC CSA are held annually in ​October​ in place of our monthly ​meeting to provide recognition and a morale ​boost​ for ​service ​members who received nominations for their volunteer support to non-profit organizations across the Space Coast. The CSA recognizes our local military personnel who volunteer their time to support our numerous local non-profit organizations. The MAC hosts over 100 guests inclusive of the active duty, National Guard, and Reserve nominees and their guest​s​, as well as their unit supervisor and their guest​s​, local MAC ​partners​, non-profit organizations, and event sponsors. All nominees received a certificate of appreciation and a gift bag with items donated from our local MAC/Chamber Partners. In addition to the gift bag, the top winners also received gift cards from the MAC
  • Holiday Luncheon and Wine Raffle – On the first Friday of December, the MAC holds an annual wine raffle at the Chamber’s Holiday Luncheon. The MAC sells raffle tickets for the grand prize of at least 50 bottles of wine. Additionally, we have a few smaller giveaways, including three, five, and ten bottles of wine. Chamber and MAC partners​ donate the bottles of wine to the raffle,​ and they receive a raffle ticket for each bottle donated. We traditionally have over 110 bottles total to give away. All the proceeds go directly to increasing morale and strengthening community relationships by supporting all services through MAC programs.​



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Annual Fee:

$50/person for Chamber Partners in good standing.


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