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The manufacturer is counting on these and other characteristics to put the Epson 11880 in a league of its own, well ahead of the competition in the wide format printer market. Most people anticipate the Stylus Pro 11880 to rule the 60" printer category because of the brand's current market dominance and widespread love owing to the brand's obvious first-mover advantage into the giclee printing industry. Concern about the possible blowback from the rapid and continuous release of new technologies in such a short period of time is a prevalent subject among giclee printmakers. It's unrealistic for the vast majority of small company owners to keep shelling out money every two years to upgrade their printing equipment. As a consequence of this strategy, the market is swamped with obsolete printers like the 9600 and the 10000, and a ton of business owners are scratching their heads over how they can compete and set themselves apart. Although this might lead to some unfavorable coverage, does the OEM really have a choice in such a cutthroat market? Nick Friend, best known for his award-winning work as President and CEO of Breathing Color, Inc., is a successful businessman who has proven his proficiency in developing and implementing cutting-edge sales and marketing strategies, as well as in assembling, coaching, and directing teams of sales and marketing professionals across the country and the globe. For this essay, Mr. Friend has examined the Epson 11880, also known as the Epson Stylus Pro 11880. Printer Central